DaDao Tearoom design

abandoned shipwood, bamboo, stone, lacquer

One of my original ideas of this tearoom came from the use of materials. By restructuring the visual and physical attributes of materials found from demolished old Chinese architecture, ships and furnitures-iron, wood, timber, stone and bricks. The whole process makes me think our tradition and how to design for sustainabity.

We spent two weeks selecting right size wood from a pile of demolished old ship wood. The floor and the table were all made of these wood. Having been experienced hundreds of years seawater immersion, after cleaning and reprocessing, the ship wood’s unique texture and color brought the tearoom a certain chemistry and vigor.

                                            Drawers for tea sample storage

A series of cermaic installations were also created by Tianyou ceramic studio to elevate the atmosphere of the tearoom. We made more than one thousand units to install wall and floor spaces. Each piece was made with different details to present an exquisite and rich visual impact.